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Correa (Anyone).png

Arturo Correa

Anyone Listening Outhere, 2019

Acrylics and found objects on wood

48 x 96 inches

Correa (censorship).png

Arturo Correa

Calle sin Retorno, 2019

Acrylics on canvas

52.5 x 38 inches

Correa-Kerekucopay Vena.png

Arturo Correa

Kerepakupai Vena, 2014

Cut wood

Variable dimensions

Correa - A Secret Path to the Moon.png

Arturo Correa

A Secret Path to the Stars, 2020

Acrylics on canvas

52 x 36 inches

American-Venezuelan artist Arturo Correa lived his first 24 years in Venezuela where he achieved remarkable success as a young painter. Correa's father was a surgeon and his mother, a psychologist. As a child, he recalled listening to their heated debates. His father argued for the overriding influence of the natural sciences, governed by pragmatic, objective, rational thinking; his mother advocating for the subjective mind, governed by intuition and insightful reasoning. It was the classic nature/nurture conflict, and how each one affects change in human health and behavior. I believe these conflicted conversations deeply affected the young Arturo. Like his parents whose professional careers were based on healing, Arturo soon discovered his passion as an artist was also committed to, using his words, 'fixing people.( …)


Credit: Barbara Hill - Ascaso Gallery

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