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Davila (gato).png

Jose Antonio Davila

Ofrenda LXX(70), 2009

Acrylics on canvas

32.2 x 35.8 inches

Davila (Serigrafia).png

Jose Antonio Davila

Cajas con Naranjas y una Mariposa Nocturna, 2011

Edition 1 / 30


37 x 38.5 inches

Born January 13, 1935 in New York. At the age of six he arrives in Venezuela. Inspired by Manuel Cabré’s work, he teaches himself painting and starts his own career. In 1949 he enters the School of Pictorial and Applied Arts of Caracas. Early in 1950 he takes part of the second dissident movement of the aforementioned art school.( …)

Since 1952 his work has been shown in a number of salons and exhibitions, individual as well as collective, in Italy, France, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Iran, Korea, United States, Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Colombia, and a vast series of art fairs in and out of his country. He has been granted several distinctions and honors, including an Accésit to the National Prize for Painting in 1961. His work has also appeared in Latin American art auctions by Christie’s and Sotheby’s in New York. He has an important presence in outstanding private collections and museums.

Credit: Ascaso Gallery

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